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More than 10 years ago we planted our first vines on a southern facing slope in Maaseik. A few years later, we added the lovely, sun drenched vineyards in Houwaart (Hageland) to our portfolio. Today, we create fine Belgian wines, from estate grown grapes, all picked by hand. 

All production is done at our urban boutique winery in the city centre of Antwerp. We opt for manual labour without pumps or machines and use gravity as much as possible, and electricity and water only sparingly. Our wines are hardly manipulated, not clarified or filtered so are suitable for vegan wine lovers. The winery has a little shop, it’s a unique venue to host small groups for tastings or events.



We proudly work with what nature offers because we believe it results in a unique balance that has become the signature of our wine. Our vineyards are completely free of herbicides and insecticides. We are proud to practice regenerative viticulture. Sustainable. We’ve taken the approach of natural biodiversity that’s stimulated by (not) working the soil and growing flowers and herbs throughout the vineyard.



Patrick Nijs is both the winegrower and the winemaker, and one can say he has wine flowing through his veins. But even more, Patrick is passionate about creatively using what nature has to offer. Working in the vineyard and crafting wine is a long-life passion. 

Apart from his wine growing studies in Suze-la-Rousse (Rhône/France), he’s also graduated WSET Diploma. Recently he was admitted as a student Master of Wine at the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine in London. He is recognized as an enthusiastic teacher of viticulture and wine knowledge. 

Patrick is joined by equally passionate Aaron De Ceuster and Helen Claus to make Wijnfaktorij a reality.



Chansaar White 2018 Wijnfaktorij Patrick Nijs Urban Boutique Winery

Chansaar White 2020


A fresh dry fruity wine with notes of citrus, grapefruit zeste and white stone fruit.

Grape Varieties

Johanniter, Phoenix, Orion

Best enjoyed

Chilled, but not too cold
Pairs well with light fish dishes, salads or as an aperitif.

This wine is not filtered, so expect a little sediment in the bottle, especially after being stored for some time.

22 euros/bottle (VAT incl) – AVAILABLE

Chansaar Rosé 2018 Wijnfaktorij Patrick Nijs Urban Boutique Winery

Chansaar Rosé 2020


A fresh Belgian rosé with a lot of structure.

Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir & Regent

Best enjoyed

With poultry, salads and pasta dishes, or enjoy with friends on a sunny terrace.

This wine has aged on the full lees and is not filtered, so expect a little sediment in the bottle, especially after being stored for some time.

24 euros/bottle (VAT incl) – AVAILABLE

Chansaar Red 2018 Wijnfaktorij Patrick Nijs Urban Boutique Winery

Chansaar Red 2020


Balanced black and red fruit flavour with lots of freshness and elegantly supporting tannins. Ripe and spicy finish.

Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir, Cabernet Dorsa, Dornfelder

Best enjoyed

Can be served slightly chilled.
With meat and poultry or vegetarian dishes. Also suitable to be enjoyed on its own.

24 euros/bottle (VAT incl) – Available



With no less than 9 different white varieties, this first white Kontreir is a very complex, rich white wine. No barrel aging but with 9 months on full yeast, this wine is a bomb of fruit and intense aromas. The Riesling in the blend gives the whole a solid backbone, fresh acidity balanced by ripe aromas of brioche, caramelized pineapple, ripe pear and nectarine. The aging potential of this wine is enormous. Bottled with a little fine yeast to keep added sulfites to a minimum.
SOLD out, only available in one of our tasting formulas in group at wijnfaktorij. contact us to discuss the options.
Proudly served by ‘Hof van Cleve’ *** – ‘Hertog Jan at Botanic sanctuary’ **

Red, gastronomic wine, similar to KONTREIR I, 2019 being an even warmer vintage but with a fresh elegance. Kontreir III is the first Belgian one to be present on the wine list of ‘El Celler de Can Roca’, known as one of the best restaurants in the world.

Kontreir is only produced in exceptional years. Several factors need to be perfectly aligned: the location of the grapevines, topography and soil, weather conditions and last but not least the vision of the winemaker. 

When Patrick introduced his wines and winemaking philosophy, Josep Roca, sommelier and one of the three brothers-owners of ‘El Celler de Can Roca’, and his Belgian assistant Cyril Vermeulen were present. Josep Roca was clearly impressed by this Belgian product. “The fraicheur combined with phenolic ripeness, the tension on the palate, the elegance and depth, all of this is makes the Kontreir a fantastic wine.” 
SOLD out, only available in one of our tasting formulas in group at wijnfaktorij. contact us to discuss the options.
Proudly served by ‘Hof van Cleve’ *** – ‘Hertog Jan at Botanic sanctuary’ ** – L’air du temps’ ** – ‘El celler de can roca’ ***

For the first time we converted our very rich, ripe white fruit into a dry, orange wine. Ripe mirabelle plum, caramelised pineapple, ripe lemon confit and hints of mango and apricot. Spontaneous fermentation, no clarification nor filtration to keep this authentic wine as wild as possible. Matured for 10 months in refurbished, untoasted French oak barrels.
Proudly served by ‘Hof van Cleve’ ***

Exceptional years produce exceptional wines. In 2018, we succeeded beautifully with the red KONTREIR I. We made a risky call, chose to late pick healthy, ripe fruit then hand-crushed with an extremely long maceration time and gently pressed and matured for 12 months in used French and American oak barrels. 
The result is a rich dark colour, deep black fruit and intense spiciness. This blend of Dornfelder, Acolon and Pinot Noir gives complexity, intense aromas and a long finish. 
Proudly served by ‘Hof van Cleve’ *** –  ‘el celler de can roca’ ***

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Tasting / Unique Wine Experience

Weekly tours of the Urban Winery occur every Saturday. Guests can enjoy a tasting, explanation of the wines and winemaking process.

We also offer unique wine experiences for your work event,  birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party. An overview of the way we make our wines, how we work in the vineyard, what we do and don’t do, we taste 4 wines with a small bite if you want.

Tasting 1
*Chansaar Pétnat undisgorged
*Choice Chansaar
*Choice Chansaar
*Kontreir III

Price without bites: 30 euro pp
Price with homemade bites: 45 euro pp

Tasting 2
*Chansaar Pétnat undisgorged
*Choice Chansaar
*Kontreir IV
*Kontreir III

Price without bites: 35 euro pp
Price with homemade bites: 52,50 euro pp

Tasting 3
*Chansaar Pétnat undisgorged
*Kontreir IV
*Kontreir V
*Kontreir III

Price without bites: 40 euro pp
Price with homemade bites: 60 euro pp

Contact us to discuss various options.

Vineyard Wine Experience

Every year by the end of August we participate Sprankelend Hageland, an exciting wine festival in the vineyard organised by the Tourism Board Vlaams Brabant. Join us for this summer experience.



We prefer you to pick up your order in our winery in the heart of Antwerp. Smell our craftsmanship, see us taking care of every bottle we make. Come and witness our passion for the wine we want to share with you. The wine will only taste better.




Vleminckstraat 6-12, 

2000 Antwerp – Belgium